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Henry Frattaroli is the President and Founder of Investment Money Management, and takes pride in helping his clients realize their dreams. He works hard every day on behalf of those individuals, families, and businesses.


Henry is a financial professional who works with both individuals and families in Stock Market Investment Management, as well as Retirement and Estate Planning. His primary focus is always to enhance and, ultimately, preserve both his client’s wealth and their estates within each individual situation. His ability to achieve strong results in the face of changing economic times and stock market cycles is a tribute to the resiliency of his thorough planning methods – helping clients adjust, reshape financial priorities, and move ahead. 


Henry has been a branch manager for several major insurance companies.  He has hired and trained hundreds of insurance professionals over the years. He has taught his agents Pension Planning, Business Insurance, Business Continuity, Foundations of Estate Planning and Pension Planning. Henry works hard to make important contributions to the betterment of his client’s financial status. With the interests of his clients in mind, he has pursued new growth in stock market investment management.


With many years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to serving the needs of retirees and those saving for or nearing retirement, Henry is a skilled financial professional who utilizes the latest money management techniques to design and implement personalized strategies that can help grow your assets while reducing financial risk, lower taxes, avoid probate, and protect assets from nursing home costs through the use of various insurance and investment products.


Investment Money Management has offices in Duxbury, Massachusetts and Naples, Florida.


We will keep you current with economic and financial news to help you stay in front of important changes in the economy that could effect all of us.

We have over 40 years' experience in the financial service business. Our goal is to help you meet your financial goals.





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